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What is BWRT?

Well BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Terence watts is the creator of BWRT and here’s what he has to say about it:

“I’m going to explain to you the way BWRT works it’s magic.

A man called Victor Frankel once said “between stimulus and response there is a space in that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

He was absolutely right, as an experiment carried out many years later proved.

The experiment was conducted in 1983 by scientist named Benjamin Libet Who had his test subjects wired up to some electronic equipment.

They had to watch a dot moving round a dial a bit like a clock face and tell him what number the dot was on when they decided to press a button, and over and over again when they told him what number the dot was on the equipment had shown the brain had made a decision a third of a second earlier, and what looked like the thought about the decision was even earlier than that at half a second earlier.

This experiment has been replicated again and again even by Professor Stephen Hawking.

Because of this experiment we can be certain there is a cognitive gap, a space between stimulus and response where stuff goes on before the conscious mind knows about it.

Consider what happens when you accidentally knock something off the shelf.

Without stopping to think about it your hands shoots out to try and stop it falling.

And what about when somebody tosses something towards you?

You don’t think about it you just try to catch it. It’s not a decision and it’s not free will.

It’s your brain reacting without any conscious thoughts at all. Instinct, if you like.

Now think about what happens if you have a phobia or anxiety or some other psychological process you could do without.

The mind spots something and acts on it instantly and is already doing its thing before you have a chance to do anything about it. And all you can do then just wait for it to calm down.

Which can seem like a lifetime!

That’s where BWRT comes in. Where most therapies try to work with whatever the brain is doing after it started doing it, BWRT gets right into that cognitive gap and stops it in its tracks, before it gets anywhere near the conscious mind.

You might be wondering how we do that?…

Well, in the normal way, while the conscious part of the brain is experiencing one thing another part the part you don’t really know about is already working on what happens next.

So we use a special technique that creates a pause in the whole process for a split second, then you think how are you want to feel instead and we help you with that, and we set the whole thing rolling again with the new thought or feeling firmly in place, so your problem is sorted at the speed of thought.

Yes, it all sounds too good and too easy to be true but there are now thousands of people worldwide who will tell you it really does work!

BWRT is quickly sorting out all manner of human problems.… Including anxiety, phobias, beers, sexual difficulties, addictions of all sorts, OCD, PTSD and loads more besides.

BWRT is very fast acting and because of this you won’t be in therapy for years or even months sometimes it’s only a single or session or two actually.

So you can get back to your life being how you’d like to.”

I’ve been using BWRT for years now and it is incredibly effective at removing even the most stubborn stuck patterns and behaviours.
send me a message to find out how BWRT can help you.

James Hymers

Revolutionary Solutions For Age-old Problems

Some of the techniques I use include the Havening Techniques®, Psy-tap and N.L.P. BWRT.

Feel free to take a closer look at these therapies to find out how they work and the amazing results that can be achieved using them.

If you would me to help you please send me a message and we can get started bringing about your best life.

Therapist working in Windsor and west London and Online so no-matter where you are I can help you.


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I help people overcome these types of anxiety and many more:
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
  • Health Anxiety.
  • Panic Attacks.
  • Pain.
  • Performance Anxiety.
  • Fear of flying.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • They can all be removed!

Nasher 0809
Nasher 0809
19:36 17 Jun 21
James has helped me enormously overcome feelings of stress and anxiety that have plagued me for a long time. A recent... bout of panic attacks had meant I’d had some time off work and after only 2 sessions, I am now back loving my job again. The Havening technique James uses is simple yet extremely effective and one that I plan to continue to use as part of my daily routine for the foreseeable future. A million thanks to James.read more
Louise Donoghue
Louise Donoghue
14:38 01 Jan 21
I was sceptical to begin with when my best friend told me about James and what he had achieved with her in such a short... amount of time, it sounded too good to be true...After decades of counselling and various other therapies my issues as far as I was concerned were ‘unfixable’ and just something I had to live and deal with day to day.I suffered from crippling anxiety, low self esteem, low self worth and generally just didn’t believe I was ever going to be happy or deserved to be so after some deliberation I decided to contact James and see what he could do for me.After the first session I was absolutely amazed with how great I was feeling, the majority of my problems had disappeared and I was filled with this sense of happiness and worthiness.I’ve now had two sessions with James and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this good about myself, my life and my future.I feel like I can achieve anything and that no matter what happens I am enough and I am incredible.The man is magic I swear! I have recommended him to everyone I know and will continue to do so.He is worth every penny and I promise you, no matter how deep routed or complicated you think your problems are... James will fix them!read more
15:50 21 Jan 20
Having tried many things - i had learned to be skeptical. However — In 1/2 sessions I’ve had AMAZING results. Whatever... your issue - this technique has instant results. Literally life changing. You owe it to yourself to try.read more
Lindsey Hobbs
Lindsey Hobbs
17:12 04 Dec 19
James is an amazing therapist - I have so much to thank this guy for!I was struggling with PTSD & burnout and was... pretty much ready to give up on life when I found James. He helped me to find a way forwards where 3 other counsellors had failed. James introduced me to Havening which was a complete game-changer for me. He helped me to strip out the emotional content from a traumatic experience that had been haunting me for years. His therapies really are fast-acting and I noticed they started to help straight away.I was a nervous wreck when I arrived for my 1st appointment, but James quickly made me feel at ease and I left feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed. James is an experienced & very knowledgeable therapist. He has a really lovely kind, calm manner about him. He was patient, understanding & encouraging when we were working through some of the tougher stuff and I always felt safe and supported whilst working with him.James is really passionate about giving people meaningful help, fast. I would definitely recommend James to anyone. He changed my life for the better and he can help you get your life back on track too.read more
Tim Burnell
Tim Burnell
17:15 19 Nov 19
James was highly recommended to me to treat post traumatic stress. After one session I felt rejuvenated, positive and... free of anxiety. James is a great guy and a wonderful therapist with real empathy and miracle skills.read more
06:10 05 Nov 19
Hi I’m Josie a parenting coach.Recently I was on a very packed bus travelling from the airport terminal to my flight,... which we were then required to wait on. I’ve never been one to like small tight spaces but on this occasion it was different. I became paralysed with fear, hyperventilating, anxiety like I have never experienced and complete lack of control. It is by far the most frightened I’ve very felt. The anxiety lasted for hours and even my darling husband couldn’t calm me down.When I got home the next day I still didn’t feel myself the worry was still sat in my chest. I decided I had to see James to see if his magic truly worked, as I was flying again the weekend just gone alone with three children from Florida. I couldn’t possible have the same episode while with my kids. There was also no time for talking therapies I needed fast results.I went to see James, open to it but genuinely questioning what effect he could have in an hour.Well, I flew back 3 days ago from Florida with my three children and was in a tight bus in the same situation. I kept asking myself, “Is this going to work, I need this to work!” Even winding myself up about it before the doors had even closed i didn’t get a bit of worry, no anxiety, nothing! I wasn’t even trying it just happened.Phenomenal- absolutely mind blown! James is amazing he makes you feel at ease immediately and you feel he genuinely cares! He comes highly highly recommended. Those hands of his hold true magic!read more
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