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James helped me with 4 different issues in the space of just over an hour and I feel like a brand new person.

I didn’t believe his techniques could help me, but I left the session clear minded and a weight had be lifted off my shoulders.

His techniques 100% work and have changed my life for the better, I cannot thank him enough!

Mimi Smith

As a professional golfer I was struggling to putt and would let my anger get the better of me causing me to think negatively and put to much pressure on myself.

After one session with James I went to play golf and followed the quick easy thought process, since then my game has improved and my and mind is so much clearer. I would highly recommend a visit to James

Phil Dormer

Professional Golfer

James has completely transformed the way I think and helped me overcome the trauma of a very serious knee injury.

As well as that after just one session, I became happier and able to approach my injury rehabilitation in a much more positive way. Thank you !!

Suzan Opperman

Ballet Dancer

I first saw James for therapy almost two years ago. I had never heard of Havening before, and I was willing to give it a go, especially after James explained to me how it changes neurological pathways with regards to emotions and memory.

James made me feel very comfortable straight away. I felt I could open up about the emotional traumas in my life. After only one session I felt much better and lighter with regards to the particular issue.

 I returned to see James for two more treatments for completely different issues, he helped me to overcome in just one session each.

James has great interpersonal skills and his treatment has made a significant impact on my life. I would highly recommend him.

Marelie Mey

Thanks for everything James. Therapy has left me feeling free and unburdened from all the baggage I was carrying around. I feel optimistic and stronger and more content than I have for years.

Serena Smith

James is a fabulous Therapist. I walked out of the session feeling that I’d had an enormous weight lifted.

I was Clear minded, no longer obsessively worrying and felt vibrant, at ease and had peace of mind for the first time in years. I’d highly recommend

Tracey Righton

I was suffering with severe shoulder pain .I was taking a cocktail of over the counter medications James was recommended to me and I decided to visit James and try his new techniques.

My first impressions were very reassuring James was calm polite and professional.He took his time and explained what I could expect from the session.

As our session progressed I began to feel my shoulder pain ease. James was confident that my pain would completely subside. At the end of the session I was able to move my shoulder without pain. It was a truly amazing feeling.

James has transformed my quality of life. I am now able to play sport and am pain free. I would recommend any one to visit James, who will be able to help with any pain issues.Please don’t think about it just do it.

Anne Michel