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Sports Performance Coaching

Would you like to win more often?

Would you like to strengthen your mind?

Would you like to feel more confident and relaxed when competing?

Would you like to play at your best?

The way I do this is a bit different as I help you improve your overall mental health too, this way stress doesn’t bother you as much and you feel free to just go play!


I have helped many sportsmen and women, with a particular specialism in Golf. I am a single figure handicap player myself and am hugely passionate about the game. 

I’ve created a way of freeing sportspeople  from the “Yips” no-matter what sport they play using a revolutionary mind therapy almost all of the time in one session.

I use the latest revolutionary techniques to free you of anything holding you back. It’s not just sports psychology, that will only get you so far, it’s a system of removing any internal blocks, stress and anxiety and boosting self belief and confidence, which results in improved performance.

No matter what sport you play, or at what level, I can help you to improve by retraining your mind to become more fearless and aligning it to your goals. We are going to literally delete anything in your mind that is currently holding you back and replace it with huge belief that you can achieve what you want! Just think about that for a minute, any worries or fears you have can be removed, not just in your chosen sport but in your day to day life. When your’e free of all that old stuff your mind becomes free to chase your dreams.

If you can create it in your mind and really believe it you’ve a much bigger chance of making it happen.

Feel free to give me a call if you’re interested in trying something new and revolutionary to gain greater results.