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 was born from a need to change the way we approach therapy to fit in with today’s time poor society and with a solution focused, rather than problem focused approach.

Kevin Laye, it’s founder, has taken an engineer’s mindset to create a system where we look at the epistemology the ‘how do we do that?’ in regard to emotional problems, and then found a way to stop the process from happening, a kind of massive pattern interrupt, but with foundations based in Biomechanics and neuroscience.

What is Psy-TaP?

Psy-TaP is a set of techniques and the creation of it’s founder Kevin Laye. It is a blending of proven techniques, many of them with strong neuroscience based processes. The techniques are rapid in their application from one second to a couple of minutes.

The system has a Kaizen ‘continuous improvement’ philosophy and is developing all the time by both Kevin and the practitioners. We are constantly evolving…


How does Psy-TaP work?

  • Simple application of easy to remember techniques, which either stop totally, or allow you to have control over a negative emotion or state

  • The techniques have neuro-science and neurobiology underpinning their effectiveness

  • The techniques are fast, powerful and do not require a belief in them, for them to work

  • Speed is our key to success