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Cure the Yips and get back to your best game

Don’t let the Yips ruin your game. If you’re ready to take action, you can cure your Yips by dealing with the underlying trauma.

  • Get back to your best game quickly
  • 90% of my clients only require one session
  • 95% success rate
  • Tried and tested: I’ve cured 100s of people
  • One of a kind solution based on revolutionary therapies
  • Works for pros, amateur and recreational players
  • Multiple sports – including Golf, Baseball, Darts, Snooker, Tennis
  • Works remotely or in person

Using revolutionary therapies, I can help you get to the root cause and get you back to your best game quickly.

The Yips can be cured quickly: 90% of clients only need one session

90% of my clients only need one session to be cured of the Yips. This means you can get back to what you love in no time.

95% of my clients come away completely Yips free

The vast majority of my clients come away completely recovered from the Yips. So there is a very high chance that one session will solve your problem.

Become one of 100s of sportspeople who’ve banished the Yips

I’ve successfully cured hundreds of people of the Yips. So it’s a tried and tested solution with a proven track record.


It is now three weeks since my visit and I have been to the range twice. For years, I have avoided playing to the nearby baskets but now…the huge unease that comes with a chip isn’t there.

– Mark Townsend, Sports Journalist, writing in the National Club Golfer


James helped me with my putting yips. After 30 years it appears to have been sorted with one unusual but effective session. My life has changed!

– Andy Halsall

James fixed my yips in the space of an hour and a half. I’d spent nearly 10 years trying everything to fix the problem. 100% would recommend. Amazing!

– Josh Kenny

Helped me overcome baseball yips! Worked very quickly and was very patient and accommodating!

– Joshua White

Curing 'dartitis' . . .

Highly recommend, helped me cure dartitis! I contacted James because I was suffering from dartitis for nearly two years. . .I got so frustrated ‘trying’ to throw darts that I was getting anxious at the thought of even trying to play darts. I have been playing darts for 20 years and could not understand why this started. . .After a couple of email exchanges we booked an online session and this has been the best thing i have done.

In one session working with James, I felt instantly better. Now back playing competitively and loving the game again.

I am so happy to say that I am free of dartitis all thanks to James! He is so accommodating and would recommend to anyone who is struggling with similar issues!

Thanks James, best thing I’ve done!!

– Jamie Elm

Getting back his best game

I have suffered from the yips for years, and being a professional golfer and also working in the golf industry I fell out of love with golf for the last few years, James is the most professional and understanding therapist I have ever worked with not only curing my yips so I can fall in love with golf again but also has massively helped me with my depression, words can not thank James enough for the amazing work he has done for me, thank you!

– Thomas Webster, Universal Golf

Dealing with the root trauma: A one of a kind cure for the Yips

You won’t find a Yips treatment like this anywhere else. As a seasoned therapist, I developed this treatment using my expertise inspired by my own love of golf and my desire to see people flourish.

The Yips condition is 100% psychological and rooted in trauma. By dealing with the root cause (the traumatic memory buried in your subconscious mind) you can quickly overcome the Yips.

As a highly experienced therapist, I discovered that the cure for the Yips works in the same way as for traumatic memories and PTSD, conditions that can be reversed with revolutionary therapies.


Are you ready to take action?

The Yips can be cured. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Call me today on 07940 597766.

Other treatments don’t deal with the root cause of the Yips

When looking for treatments for the Yips, you’ll come across all kinds of offerings. At one end some will suggest getting botox! However, this is based on the false assumption that the Yips are physical.

At the other end you might come across the nebulous idea of ‘mind coaching’, which is predicated on the assumption you can get rid of the Yips through simple positive thinking. This latter option is wholly unrealistic. Try putting your hand in a fire and telling yourself it will be okay. It simply doesn’t work.

The root cause of the Yips is a build up of forgotten traumatic memories. So to cure them, I use revolutionary therapies that remove the old memories and their associated feelings.

Cure the Yips remotely from anywhere in the world

The techniques used for dealing with the root trauma don’t require in-person interaction. I can work with you remotely via Zoom to undo the forgotten negative memory. So, providing you have access to the internet, you can access this one-of-a-kind therapy from anywhere in the world, and get back to doing what you love.


In-person or home visits

If you’re based in the UK and prefer a more personal touch, we can arrange for you to visit me at my clinic, or if you prefer the comfort of familiar surroundings I can visit you at your home.

A Yips cure suitable for professional, amatuer and recreational players alike

At whatever level you play, you don’t have to suffer with the Yips. I can help you deal with the underlying trauma so you can get back to playing the game the way you want to.

Are the Yips ruining your love of the game?

Play the game you love without the anxiety and frustration that comes with the Yips. Many of my clients had either given up the game or were close to quitting. I helped them get rid of the Yips and back into top form.

So get in touch and start your Yips-free journey today.

Or call me now on: 07940 597766