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Cure for the Yips

As featured in National Club Golfer

[ This page is about the Yips in golf , I now help with the Yips in all sports so please contact me to find out how I can help you too. ]

Your yips are probably driving you up the wall.  A great drive.  A spectacular approach shot. All ruined by an uncontrollable yippy chip or putt.  Many golfers have given the game up because of it.

The good news is that there’s a cure.  It’s quick and reliable, typically taking only one session with 90% golfers. It works for Putting Yips, Chipping Yips and Full Swing Yips.

If you’ve got the yips you’ve probably already been to see your pro for some technical pointers. The thing with the yips is it’s a problem with deep emotional roots, so most of the time, technical solutions, such as those offered by a golf pro aren’t effective.

All the golfers I help describe the same feelings and emotions taking place when they know they have to putt or chip. Anxiety, dread, embarrassment, anger, frustration and an inner belief that they just can’t chip or putt well anymore.

The area of the brain that’s responsible for the yips is deep within the limbic system  called the amygdala. This part of the brain controls your survival system. Somewhere along the way your mind thought the pressure of putting of chipping was dangerous, just like putting your hand on a hot cooker top,  so it won’t let you do without feeling anxious. 

As a keen golfer and qualified therapist the yips have always fascinated me. By using a revolutionary mind  therapy that can delete the emotional content of memories I created a way to get to the root cause of the problem, what we call an encoding event. This is what establishes a new behaviour pattern.

By removing where it all began the chain reaction cannot get started; Think like a line of dominoes where you take a few away so they can’t all fall over. Hey presto job done. No more yips.

My name is James Hymers.  I’m a single figure golfer and qualified in many of the latest revolutionary therapies.  I’ve helped loads of golfers overcome their problems including Mark Townsend who wrote about me in National Club Golfer magazine.  I’m qualified in The Havening Techniques® Psy-Tap Reflective Repatterning and more revolutionary therapies.

You can read Mark’s article here


Frequently asked questions


Are the Yips curable? 


Yes the yips are curable as I have been doing this for 5 years using a process I created using revolutionary therapies to delete the problem from the mind.  This can usually be done in just one session of therapy and I have helped people around the world using Skype for sports as varied as golf to baseball.


What causes the Yips?


The Yips are caused by the brain becoming anxious about performing a particular task I.E. putting or chipping in golf or throwing a dart. This problem starts when you feel particularly stressed or anxious doing this one day and an then an encoded memory is stored within the Brain attaching a high level of anxiety to the normally simple task . Once this encoded memory is stored your reaction to performing the same task will make you replay the anxious pattern you felt at that moment and so you have the same reaction over and over again, a bit like burning yourself on something very hot. Even though you know logically you can perform the task easily the encoded  pattern plays out again and again. 


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