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Emotional Trauma

Do you feel like you have emotional baggage holding you back that you would like to be free of?

As human beings we experience strong emotions. These emotions affect our behaviour and can make us feel extremely uncomfortable and hold us back from our potential happiness.

The way we view the world and react to events are created in our childhood and adolescent years.

If we experience traumatic events in our lives especially in these formative years, then it can affect us greatly. The trauma causes us to rely on unhelpful responses to stressful events such as avoidance or anger.

What can we do about emotional blocks and triggered reactions? With the revolutionary therapies  we can search for the original source of the upset and delete it’s emotional content.

In this way, the strong emotional feelings you experience with certain situations, places or people will disappear  and you can chose how you would like to feel instead.

Once free of this old trauma you can leave behind your negative feelings. allowing you to get on with your life and what you want to do in more control.