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Just want to say a big thanks to James Hymers for helping me recover my love of the game of golf. For 16 years I’d suffered the dreaded putting yips and more recently it had developed in my chipping too. My handicap had drifted from mid single figures to mid teens.

I’d stopped playing any form of competitive golf and was on the verge of completely giving up a game I’d loved. There were times when I’ve had to walk off a green as i couldn’t play a simple putting stroke. I’d tried just about everything to eradicate the problem with no success at all.

Then a friend of mine who’d been a client of James recommended i call him. After one session with James using the Havening Technique followed by a few additional thoughts and ideas for improvement my game has been transformed, indeed my yips have now completely gone and I’m playing regularly to half my current handicap. Golf has been a large part of my life, the difference this has made to my mental well being as well as my golf game is immeasurable. Thanks again James.