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Anxiety treatment without medication.


Have you had enough of your anxiety or panic attacks?


I’d like to help you using anxiety treatment without medication.


My average client needs just two sessions to become free of their anxiety.


A life free of anxiety is possible if you take action.

  • review rating 5  James helped me with my putting yips. After 30 years it appears to have been sorted with one unusual but effective session. My life has changed!

    thumb andy halsall
  • review rating 5  Well where do I start!? After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety regularly for years James has really transformed my life. With some homework given to me to make sure they stay at bay James has done more for me in two hours that anyone’s done in years. Couldn’t recommend him more, Nikola

    thumb Jamie Domican
  • review rating 5  I was very sceptical at first about Havening but it is the best thing I have ever done and James is first class

    thumb Solihull Andy
  • review rating 5  Excellent,went to see James a couple of weeks ago with sports anxiety and have withheld a review just in case it was a placebo effect ,but am amazed no anxiety problems to report many thanks 👍

    thumb Peter Currie
  • review rating 5  What a life changing experience & pleasure James! I considered asking James to help with my head for years and have been on a journey, tried many therapies and healing along the way, and had made good progress considering all the “stuff” I was carrying about in my head from past trauma. James somehow 🤷‍♀️ emptied my head of these limiting beliefs/old stuff in one session. Feeling definitively lighter, brighter and happy-Wonderfully calm! Thank you James. I can’t wait to see how my life will unfold now I’m free 👏🏼

    thumb Katie Stone

James Hymers Windsor therapist


I have been helping people become free of their anxiety for years now using anxiety treatment without medication. As somebody who experienced anxiety first-hand, I am passionate about Helping other people.


It’s my aim to achieve great results for clients in the shortest amount of time possible. This means you can get on with your life feeling better sooner.


I help hundreds of clients every year become free of all types of anxiety, panic attacks and fears.


Revolutionary therapies can give you fast anxiety relief.


I help people overcome these types of anxiety and many more.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Health Anxiety.

Panic Attacks.

Performance Anxiety.

Fear of flying.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They can all be removed!


Anxiety can be debilitating and incredibly frightening. This can make us experience a range of fears ranging from “I don’t like this” to “I think I am going to die.”


A certain amount of anxiety can be helpful in our lives. This can keep us safe from dangerous situations and help us consider what could go wrong. Therefore it can help us make better decisions to protect ourselves. Anxiety can help us get things done when we feel the fear of deadlines. It can also push us on to create our greatest work.


Anxiety is controlled by a part of the brain responsible for survival (called the Amygdala). This system triggers the urges of fight, flight, freeze or submit.


Just like a muscle in the body, the more it is used the stronger it can become. As a result our reactions can become stronger over time.  When we start to run on a learned pattern of behaviour and exist on high alert we can be upset far easier.


Anxiety often creates physical symptoms and many people will see a doctor because of this reason alone.


The trouble is that if you see a doctor for anxiety it is highly likely they will recommend medication to treat you. There is growing evidence to say that this method of treating anxiety doesn’t work. Consequently it is not going to get to the root of the problem. In order to remove the pattern of your  anxiety we need to take a different  approach that is far more effective. 


The great news is there are now some revolutionary anxiety treatments that work so much faster than anything before!


I’m often asked what is the best anxiety treatment and I truly believe the revolutionary therapy I offer is it.

These therapies include the Havening Techniques®.  N.L.P.  and Psy-Tap.  These therapies have the ability to completely disrupt the anxious response. One of them can even delete the emotional content of traumatic memories.


When we change the pattern of behaviour the brain was running it leaves you free of anxiety. By treating anxiety In this way the problematic response to old trauma once removed can not come back.