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Addictions can become so severe that they can rule our life!

Whether your addiction is Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Sex, Video games, Pornography, Drugs, Shopping,  the Internet,  Plastic surgery, Over Eating or whatever it can be stopped.

Addictions, I think about them as being cause and effect. The addiction being the effect with a cause further back in the past. You see the addiction is the brain’s way of trying to escape its daily negative thoughts and feelings and feel better.

The book “The Craving Brain” was influential in my own thinking about how to beat addiction. This way of addressing it is good news for anyone struggling with addiction because it means that we can treat it in a more effective way

  •  Rather than focusing on the behaviour (the effect) we work with clearing the past trauma (the cause) and this way starve the fire of oxygen so to say.

  • Once we have cleared away the trauma from the past we remove any negative self beliefs you may have had about yourself.

  • Then we can get to work on creating a more resourceful version of yourself with greater self-esteem.

  • Then you can resist any old unhelpful behaviours and addictions and so can live a happier life doing more of the things you want to do.

This whole process will require dedication and hard work on your part and may take some time but if you are serious about freeing yourself from addiction I would love to help you so give me a call.