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Fast change therapist based in Windsor Berkshire.

In today’s fast paced world we need therapy that works fast!

Want to be free of your anxiety or limits? I’ll help you get there.

My average client needs just two sessions to achieve this. 



Are you struggling with anxiety or panic attacks? Do you have a phobia or traumatic memories? Are you experiencing low self esteem or performance anxiety or are you stressed out?


Don’t worry if you are. With revolutionary therapies we can make it stop.


The beauty of these therapies is that they are fast, so my average client needs just two sessions of therapeutic intervention!


Imagine how much better life will feel when you’re free of what’s getting you down. 

  • review rating 5  James fixed my yips in the space of an hour and a half. I’d spent nearly 10 years trying everything to fix the problem. 100% would recommend. Amazing!

    thumb Josh Kenny
  • review rating 5  James is someone I highly recommend! He helped me deal with past issues that have been affecting me in just a few sessions using amazing techniques. A great experience , thank you James .

    thumb Janice G
  • review rating 5  James helped me with my putting yips. After 30 years it appears to have been sorted with one unusual but effective session. My life has changed!

    thumb andy halsall
  • review rating 5  Well where do I start!? After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety regularly for years James has really transformed my life. With some homework given to me to make sure they stay at bay James has done more for me in two hours that anyone’s done in years. Couldn’t recommend him more, Nikola

    thumb Jamie Domican
  • review rating 5  I was very sceptical at first about Havening but it is the best thing I have ever done and James is first class

    thumb Solihull Andy


I help hundreds of people every year with their mental health using revolutionary therapy. As a result I’ve probably worked with problems the same as yours.  I work with people in person and also on the internet so wherever you are in the world I can help.


Don’t you deserve to be free of your problems too?


Send me a message today and I’ll explain to you how I can help you become free of your worries fast.





I help clients become free from anxiety everyday with therapy.


It doesn’t matter if you have been struggling with something for decades it can still be dealt with incredibly fast and the effects be gone for good! I  specialise in anxiety treatments without medication.


I use revolutionary Psycho-sensory therapies.


These include the Havening Techniques®, Psy-tap and N.L.P.   Please take a closer look at these therapies to find out how they work and the amazing results that can be achieved using them. Each has their own page in the therapies drop down menu.


In a randomised trial of 5000 patients, psycho-sensory therapy was more effective in treating common mental health problems than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or medication.


If you would like my help you please take a look at this website to find out what I can do for you, and then contact me for a free consultation. I am passionate about helping people and would like to help you too.


Windsor Fast change therapist James Hymers using Havening Techniques

The latest revolutionary therapies to free you from what is holding you back, fast!