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Anxiety Therapist in Windsor & West London & Online


Have you had enough of your Anxiety & Trauma?

In today’s fast paced world we need therapy that works fast.

You want to be free of your mental health troubles to live a happier life.

My average client needs just two sessions to achieve this!


Imagine what it would feel like if you were free of your fears?


You can be if you’re ready to take action.  I’m happy to help you create the change you want.


Not all Therapies are the same. With Revolutionary Therapies we can remove Anxiety and Fears far faster than with C.B.T. or Medication, in fact my average client needs just two sessions.


Therapist in Windsor and West London and also Online


No matter where you are in the world I’m happy to help you. For years now  I’ve been creating great results for my clients.


Take a look at these testimonials from google maps.


  • 5 star review  I was sceptical to begin with when my best friend told me about James and what he had achieved with her in such a short amount of time, it sounded too good to be true... After decades of counselling and various other therapies my issues as far as I was concerned were ‘unfixable’ and just something I had to live and deal with day to day. I suffered from crippling anxiety, low self esteem, low self worth and generally just didn’t believe I was ever going to be happy or deserved to be so after some deliberation I decided to contact James and see what he could do for me. After the first session I was absolutely amazed with how great I was feeling, the majority of my problems had disappeared and I was filled with this sense of happiness and worthiness. I’ve now had two sessions with James and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this good about myself, my life and my future. I feel like I can achieve anything and that no matter what happens I am enough and I am incredible. The man is magic I swear! I have recommended him to everyone I know and will continue to do so. He is worth every penny and I promise you, no matter how deep routed or complicated you think your problems are... James will fix them!

    thumb Louise Donoghue
  • 5 star review  Things that have negatively impacted my whole life have literally been removed in 1 hour. Incredible, but true. James is an extremely skilled therapist who cares deeply about helping all who see him. You may be sceptical or nervous, as I was, but honestly give James 1 hour of your time and you will not regret it. Thank you James.

    thumb Laurence Armiger
  • 5 star review  Well where do I start!? After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety regularly for years James has really transformed my life. With some homework given to me to make sure they stay at bay James has done more for me in two hours that anyone’s done in years. Couldn’t recommend him more, Nikola

    thumb Jamie Domican
  • 5 star review  James is someone I highly recommend! He helped me deal with past issues that have been affecting me in just a few sessions using amazing techniques. A great experience , thank you James .

    thumb Janice G
  • 5 star review  My son saw James before a golf competition. He was very nervous about being filmed and interviewed for the first time knowing that it was going to be aired on national television. After the session with James he was totally relaxed and feeling very positive of what's to come. James techniques worked very well and we will definitely be calling on James again for future competitions.

    thumb John Debattista


I help hundreds of people just like you every year with their mental health using revolutionary therapy. As a result I’ve probably worked with problems the same as yours. You can become free of what’s holding you back Fast.


Don’t you deserve to be free of your problems too?

Can Therapy Work Quickly?


It doesn’t matter if you have been struggling with something for decades it can still be dealt with incredibly fast and the effects be gone for good! I  specialise in anxiety treatments without medication.

I use revolutionary Psycho-sensory therapies.

In a randomised trial of 5000 patients, psycho-sensory therapy was more effective in treating common mental health problems than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or medication.

These include the Havening Techniques®, Psy-tap and N.L.P.    BWRT and many others, feel free to take a closer look at these therapies to find out how they work and the amazing results that can be achieved using them.

If you would me to help you please send me a message and we can get started bringing about your best life.

Therapist working in Windsor and west London and Online so no-matter where you are I can help you.


 James Hymers Fast change therapist in Windsor and West London and Online